Art Therapy Worksheet for Anxiety

What is the theory behind this Art Therapy Worksheet for Anxiety?

Anxiety is a disturbing emotional state which stems from our fear and worries about the unknown future. It ranges from being mild and manageable to being completely debilitating for some. Its treatments mont commonly include various types of psychotherapies along with medications. Among these art therapy has proven to be effective for reducing anxiety symptoms. Art Therapy relies heavily on one’s creative expression of the internal states of mind allowing both a distraction from ruminations and a healthy outlet to vent out disturbing emotions without the need for a verbal interaction.  

How will the worksheet help?

The worksheet will use a technique called ‘Brain Dump’ that can be used to help clients use art to express whatever they are feeling or thinking at the moment. It allows them to put their internal state of mind and their worries to paper without judgement or second thoughts. Their art can then be used as a base for further probing questions.  

How to use the worksheet?

Have the client draw a big thought bubble. Then instruct them to use whatever materials they want to essentially ‘dump’ all their feelings, thoughts and worries into the circle. It can be words or images or simple abstract designs. The goal is to help them vent it all out without stopping to judge themselves or minimising their own anxious thoughts and feelings. 

Art Therapy Worksheet for Anxiety

Draw a thought bubble reflecting the inner state of your mind. Then use whatever materials you like to ‘dump’ all your feelings, thoughts and worries within that circle. You can use images, words, abstract designs whatever you feel describes your current internal state the best. 


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You can download this worksheet here.

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