Art Therapy Worksheets: Making a squishy ball for dealing with stress

What is the theory behind this Art Therapy Worksheet?

Stress is an inevitable part of our daily lives. There are various ways of handling and managing stress so that it does not hamper our functioning. One of these is using a stress ball. Squishing a stress ball while under stress or experiencing anxiety symptoms provides our body with a much needed distraction to divert our energies elsewhere so that we can use that time to collect ourselves and deal with the situation much better. 

How will the worksheet help?

The worksheet will provide a step by step guide to making a stress ball or a squishy ball to help relieve symptoms of stress. It is an easy to carry and convenient tool that people of all ages can utilise as a stress relieving tool in their daily lives. 

How to use the worksheet?

This worksheet can be used in group art therapies sessions as well as group counselling sessions or mental health awareness workshops in schools and workplaces as part of teaching coping strategies against everyday stress to improve productivity and well-being. 

Art Therapy Worksheets: Making a squishy ball for dealing with stress

UseGroup art therapy sessionsMental health awareness workshopsSchools – Workplaces – Rehabilitation centres
PurposeStress relieving tool as part of coping strategies for managing everyday stress
MaterialsBalloons1 cup Cornstarch/per balloonFunnelMarkersScissorsClips to pinch the ballon*A partner to help you
InstructionsBlow the balloon and keep it inflated without tying it upUse a clip to pinch the opening of the balloon leaving some space from the top. You can use your fingers later to pinch the opening. Insert the funnel in the opening. It is ok if some air gets out. This part can be tricky and would require the help of a partner.Begin inserting the cornstack into the balloon through the funnel. Remember to release your pinch at the opening as slowly as possible so that the air can be replaced with the cornstarch. Continue adding the cornstarch till it’s about 3 inches inAll the air inside the balloon must be replaced with cornstarch.Tighten the opening as close to the level of the cornstarch as possible then tie the balloon. Cut off the excess balloon on the top but not too close to the part where you have tied it.Use markers to customize the squish ball as per your liking


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You can download this worksheet here.

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