Autism anger management worksheet

What is the theory behind this Autism anger management worksheet?

Children having autism face many problems in their daily life but one of the problems is anger. Because of their sensations, social problems, repetitive, rigid behavior, and other emotional difficulties, controlling or managing anger is a great challenge for them. With proper strategies and help from psychotherapy, this task becomes easy for them

How will the worksheet help?   

 This worksheet will help clients in getting to know the possible problems that may trigger their anger as well as solutions to solve them. They will be able to keep track of their behavior weekly.

How to use this worksheet?

A list of potential anger provoking problems and their solutions and weekly table are provided below. The clients are required to write the name of the problem they faced on a day and how they coped with it.

 Autism anger management worksheet

Problem Solution 
If I can’t figure out the taskI’ll take some time off
If my friend has started a fightWalk away and let it go
If I have started a fightI apologize
If my parents are demanding something from me that I am unable to doI will tell them nicely to stop 
Having a conflict with my siblings Talk it out
Days of the weekProblem Solution Problem Solution 


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You can download this worksheet here.

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