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What is the theory behind this worksheet?

This worksheet relies on the body image theory proposed by Thompson et al. (1999), which assumes that people perceive their bodies as a reflection of their self-image and self-esteem. The distortions in relation to body image are congruent with the distortions of self image.

How will this worksheet help

This worksheet will help people raise awareness about how objectively they perceive their body.

How to use the worksheet

Culturally, we are trained to view ourselves from the outside rather than valuing what we feel inside. We learn to see ourselves through the eyes of others, which internalizes negative messages and self-beliefs. Examining body image and how we name ourselves is an important lesson in learning how to work with the body (Mischke-Reeds, 2018)

Use this exercise to transform the awareness of your own over-relliance on how your “look” is perceived by others, by kindly observing your outer perceptions of your body and shift the reference to the inner felt sense of the body that is not determined by others.

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Thompson, J. K., Heinberg, L. J., Altabe, M., & Tantleff-Dunn, S. (1999). Exacting beauty: Theory, assessment, and treatment of body image disturbance. American Psychological Association.