Dr Vlad Burtăverde

I am Vlad Burtăverde, PhD, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, University of Bucharest. I am a licensed psychotherapist familiar with DBT and CBT. I am an experienced researcher with international visibility, being a PhD in psychometrics and personality psychology. I used many multivariate statistics in the research I did. 


Recent work

Burtăverde, V., Jonason, P. K., Giosan, C., & Ene, C. (2021). Why do people watch porn? An evolutionary perspective on the reasons for pornography consumption. Evolutionary Psychology, 19(2), 14747049211028798.https://doi.org/10.1177/14747049211028798 





2013: I started working as a psychologist and became a member of the Romanian College of Psychologists

2013: I founded the consulting agency in psychology and human resources NEO Assessment & Research

2014: I became a teaching assistant and researcher at the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, University of Bucharest.

2015: I started working as a scientific reviewer for international scientific journals such as the Journal of Risk Research, Personality and Individual Differences, Psychological Reports, Accident Analysis & Prevention.

2015: I became a member of international psychology associations such as: Association for research in Personality, Society for Personality and Social Psychology, European Association of Personality Psychology, World Association for Personality Psychology.

2016: I published the Handbook of Personality Psychology at Trei Publishing House, Bucharest, Romania.

2016: I started collaborating with the research laboratory in Personality Psychology at the University of Groningen under the coordination of Prof. Boele De Raad.

2017: I completed my doctoral studies at the University of Bucharest.

2017: I started working as an associate lecturer at SNSPA, Faculty of Political Sciences, Department of Psychology.

2018: I became an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, University of Bucharest.

2018: I completed my professional training in integrative psychotherapy at the Romanian Institute of Integrative Psychotherapy.

2019: I started working as an associate lecturer at the “Mihai Viteazul” National Academy of Information.

2019: I started the collaboration with the laboratory of Personality, Relationships and Evolutionary Psychology coordinated by Prof. Peter K. Jonason at the University of Padua.

2020: I won through a public competition the postdoctoral research project entitled: Life-history strategies and aggressive driving. An integrative framework for assessing and managing aggressive driving, funded by UEFISCI.

2020: I started working as an associate editor for the scientific journal Frontiers in Psychology – Evolutionary Psychology.

2021: I became an Associate Professor  at the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, University of Bucharest.

2021: I started to collaborate with the research laboratory in Evolutionary Psychology at Oakland University, Michigan, coordinated by Prof. Todd. K. Shackelford.

2021: I founded the Association of Personality and Evolutionary Psychology.

2022: I founded Evolutionary-consulting, a consulting agency in the field of human capital

2022: I founded HelloMe, a psychology services hub

2023: I founded the Laboratory of Personality and Evolutionary Psychology, University of Bucharest

2023: I published the first book chapter about the mating strategies of dark personalities in the Oxford of Human Mating, edited by D.M. Buss. 

2023: I sustained the Habilitation thesis entitled Individual differences in personality. Predictors of adaptive and maladaptive behavior, which offers the possibility to be an advisor for doctoral students. “


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