Boundaries in Recovery Worksheet

What is the theory behind Boundaries in Recovery Worksheet?

Boundaries are very important in any relationship. When you are in the process of recovery, it is essential to keep your boundaries firm to avoid triggers and situations that may lead to relapse. Effective and healthy boundaries are key to maintaining your well-being and interpersonal relationships. 

How will this worksheet help you?

This worksheet will help you identify the areas and people where you struggle to maintain boundaries. By gaining insight into this area you will strive toward working on keeping your boundaries. Identifying the triggering situations, and people can help you keep a healthy distance from them which will ultimately improve your well-being and assist you in the process of recovery. 

How to use this worksheet?

To use this worksheet, just simply download it and use it either digitally or hardcopy. You need to recall the areas and people with whom you struggle to keep boundaries. Write it down, and how does it affect your recovery? Look for the ways in which you can improve your boundaries (your therapist may help you in this section). 

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