Brain teaser exercises worksheet

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(for kids)

What is the theory behind this Brain teaser exercises worksheet?

Brain teasers are problems, riddles or puzzles that contain solutions within self. These tests are mainly administered to children to assess their cognitive strengths and weaknesses. It also provides amusement to the child which is helpful in therapeutic alliance.

How will the worksheet help?    

This worksheet is aimed at children from ages 10-13. It will help the therapist and the caregivers in finding out whether the child needs medical and psychological assistance.    It will also help them build rapport with the child. 

How to use this worksheet?

To use this worksheet, read the following brain teasers and think of the answer for 90 seconds. The child gets a score of 1 if they get it right and 0 if they get it wrong. The answers are provided on the next page.

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