Building a foundation in recovery Worksheet

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What is the theory behind the worksheet?

The theory behind this worksheet is Cognitive Behavioral. The worksheet is a self-assessment tool that encourages awareness and reality-checking. Once awareness is achieved and an assessment of the current resources is made, the appropriate behavioural response is expected from the client to achieve the goals of recovery. 

How will this worksheet help?

This worksheet can be used by the client who is in the process of recovery. It can help him/her assess their current resources so they to prepare better to face the challenges. The worksheet is presented in a way where the client can assess his resources and lets him think of ways how to overcome the lack of resources.

How to use the worksheet? 

This worksheet will be filled out by the client who is proceeding to recovery. There are questions on resources in the first column related to recovery activities and logistics. If the client has appropriate resources, he has to encircle “YES” in the second column. If “NO”, he may answer the third column on how to act upon it. If the activity is not applicable, he/she just has to encircle “N/A”

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