Child anger management worksheet

What is the theory behind this Child anger management worksheet?

One of the key steps towards anger management is recognizing possible triggers and being mindful of the thoughts and behavioral patterns that follow. It not only helps in anticipating the consequences of a possible trigger but also gives one enough time to deploy positive coping strategies before losing control of the situation.

How will the worksheet help?

The worksheet will help kids be mindful of their anger and its consequences. It will also encourage the use of positive coping strategies that can help them to deal with their negative thoughts and behavior so that any undesirable consequences can be minimized.

How to use the worksheet?

Instruct the child to fill out the table at the end of the day or sometime after an anger episode. Tell them go through the ‘Cool off’ list to choose at least 1 coping strategy that they can do. They can show how they feel by choosing the appropriate smiley at the end. Encourage the use of multiple strategies to see what works the best. 

Child anger management worksheet

My Anger Diary

It is ok to feel angry sometimes. Use the anger diary to keep a record of it. It will help you catch your anger before it sneaks up on you and ruins your day!

Instructions: At the end of the day or sometime after you have felt angry take some time out to fill the table. Head on to the next page to mention what you did to cool off. 

TriggerI was angry because…SensationHow did it show up in your body? (e.g. feeling hot)ThoughtI was thinking…ActionHow did I behave?ResultWhat happened afterwards?

“My Cool Off” List


o   Count from 1 to _______ and backwards

o   Switch on the TV

o   Listen to Music

o   Read – Write – Draw – Pick up a Hobby

o   ____________________________________________________________


o   Take a deep breath in, slowly let it out and repeat

o   Get something to eat or drink

o   Think of a place that makes you happy

o   Wash your face

o   ____________________________________________________________

Get Physical

o   Jog in place for 60 seconds

o   Jump up and down 10 times

o   ____________________________________________________________

I feel: 

You can download this worksheet here.

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