Cognitive Distortions Self-Assessment Worksheet

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What is the theory behind the Cognitive Distortions self-assessment worksheet?

Cognitive distortions are self-satisfying or self-serving beliefs that are actually not true or based on any fact or evidence. These distortions are also negative thinking patterns that cause disturbance in different areas of our life by altering our way of perceiving things. It can lead to depression, anxiety, disturbed relationships, and poor mental well-being.

How will this worksheet help you?

This worksheet will help you in understanding different types of cognitive distortions. Reading and understanding can help you in relating with those distortion or negative thinking patterns that you usually use in your day-to-day life. Further, it can help you in identifying and assess your own cognitive distortions in different situations. By keeping the record you can find which cognitive distortions are most commonly used by you.

How to use this worksheet?

This is a psychoeducative as well as a self-assessment worksheet. You need to get free from your tasks and read the cognitive distortions with focus and understand them. If that’s difficult for you, it is better to discuss it with your therapist and seek help from him/her. Complete the record form by journaling your thoughts and distortions in different situations and share with your therapist. 

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