Confidence Worksheet for Adults

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Confidence is the belief in oneself, the conviction that one has the ability to meet life’s challenges and succeed, and the willingness to act accordingly.

Confidence also describes the attitudes and beliefs people hold regarding their abilities and strengths.

What Are The Theories Behind This Worksheet?

Confidence is built on different things; it is built on one’s choices and accomplishments that feed your passion and make you feel happy and proud of who you are.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a very helpful treatment therapy because it helps people address negative, self-doubting thoughts and reshape these thoughts into positive thoughts that can build confidence.

How Will This Worksheet Help You?

This worksheet is to help adults build self-confidence in all respective areas of their lives. 

Adults who lack self-confidence struggle with assertiveness, communication skills, or social anxiety. Thus said, this worksheet is targeted to develop greater self-confidence to avert such struggles and also help to increase mental and emotional well-being.

How Should You Use This Worksheet?

This worksheet is for adults to generally learn, develop and build confidence in all aspects of their lives.

Use this worksheet in your free time to answer the questions provided as a self-evaluation kit to increase or build your confidence.

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