Cultural Iceberg Worksheet

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What is the theory behind the Cultural iceberg worksheet?

We all know icebergs, some part of the iceberg is visible outside and a very large part is inside the water which is not visible. The same goes for culture, we see different cultures and their aspects but that’s only the visible part and there is so much under the water. Cultural iceberg worksheets are designed to explore that part of a culture that is usually invisible to us. 

How can this worksheet help you?

This worksheet can help you learn in detail about a different culture and their aspects. You will be able to explore those facts, values, and practices that are usually not visible but okay a significant role in people’s lives. Further, You will be able to differentiate between the visible and invisible aspects and how the invisible ones affect the visible aspects. You can use this worksheet to help other people understand your culture or to understand their culture in depth.

How to use this worksheet? 

This worksheet is interesting to complete. You can first draw an iceberg and divide it into three sections. Visible, slightly visible, and invisible. And then write the aspects of your culture in their respective sections. You same values, factors, practices, or aspects you can write in the column to keep it more organized. It will help you build a more in-depth understanding of your culture and its different aspects. 

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