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Cycle of abuse is characterized by a power imbalance in a relationship in which one person uses abusive threats and behaviors to control the other person. 

The cycle of abuse is a never-ending roller coaster of events that involve threats of violence, violence, apologies, and promises of change. 

What Are The Theories Behind This Worksheet?

The cycle of abuse is a social cycle theory that explains patterns of behavior in an abusive relationship.

This theory of abuse rests on the idea that abusive relationships, once established, are characterized by a predictable repetitive pattern of emotional, psychological, or physical abuse.

The stages of the cycle of abuse are;

  1. Tension building

This stage is characterized by poor communication, passive aggression, interpersonal tension, and fear of causing outbursts.

  1. Incident(s) of Abuse

Tension in the relationship erupts and it can vary from emotional manipulation, sexual or physical violence, name-calling, or insults.

  1. Reconciliation

 This stage occurs after an abusive incident. You and your partner enter a “honeymoon period” where you receive loving gestures or gifts to move past the abuse. 

  1. Calm

This stage occurs when the abusive partner apologizes about the previous abusive incident in a way that minimizes your perception of their responsibility for what occurred.

This period of calm passes and tensions in the relationship begins to build and the entire cycle repeats itself.

How Will This Worksheet Help You?

This worksheet is intended to help victims break the cycle of abuse. 

This worksheet will also offer actionable steps to achieving deep and lasting healing resulting from any form of abuse.

How Should You Use This Worksheet?

This worksheet should be used to get out of any abusive relationship trapped in the cycle of abuse.

This worksheet can also be used to understand the cycle of abuse and how to break from it.

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