Cycle of Anger worksheet

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What is the theory behind the worksheet?

The following worksheet is based on a CBT approach. This solution-oriented approach argues in order to deal with a wide range of psychological problems, we must identify our negative and irrational thoughts and feelings, challenge them and replace them with rational and healthy ones (Henwood et al., 2015).

How will the worksheet help

This worksheet will help clients familiarize themselves with the CBT model of anger, which explains how anger appears from irrational thoughts, feeding off of them and leading to a hard-to-break cycle of frustration.

How to use the worksheet

The following worksheet is meant to explain how anger can be triggered and escalate until a cycle of growing frustration is reached.

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Henwood, K. S., Chou, S., & Browne, K. D. (2015). A systematic review and meta-analysis on the effectiveness of CBT informed anger management. Aggression and Violent Behavior, 25, 280–292.