Daily Routine Worksheet

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What is the theory behind this Daily routine worksheet?

In today’s busy life people have no time to analyze their quality of life and they only focus on managing their life in a financial manner. But to enhance the quality of life it is very essential the client look for more healthy activities and manage them and practice them in their daily routine. Through managing daily routines clients can feel more positive and will have a sense of control over their life.  

How will the worksheet help?

This worksheet will help to identify and maintain their daily routine. It will help clients to inculcate all the healthy activities in their routine.  Rating regularly will help clients introspect about the quality of their daily functioning. It will help the client reduce their stress. The client will have a sense of meaningful life. Lastly, it will help clients to maintain an enhanced planning ability.   

How to use the worksheet?

This worksheet is helpful for a client in order to have more managed daily functioning. Instruct clients to write their daily routine where they should have mentioned activities along with time later analyze their functioning and identify in which area of life they lack and should have started working on. Later ask the client to brainstorm activities about the below-mentioned area and adapt it to their functioning. They should place a trick in columns according to their practices later they can have a look at how much they improved regularly 

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