DBT Cope Ahead for Tolerating Distress Worksheet

What is the theory behind this DBT Cope Ahead for Tolerating Distress Worksheet?

DBT cope Ahead technique is a way to mentally practice or rehearse difficult situations by anticipating them. It helps you to be prepared and plan on how to handle stressful situations. You can also manage your anxiety by visualizing and anticipating the anxious situations, identifying suitable solutions and applying them when needed to overcome stress.

How will this worksheet help?

This DBT Cope Ahead worksheet will help you in planning beforehand for stressful and anxious situations. This will help you to react in a more helpful and healthy manner during stressful situations by preparing and visualizing about it beforehand. You can also be more optimistic by focusing and expecting the positive outcomes of the situation. 

 How to use the worksheet?  

This worksheet is quite helpful to anticipate and prepare yourself for future stressful situations. You just need to complete this worksheet according to the situation that you are worried about. Look for the positive and negative outcomes related to the situation and how you can cope with them. This will help you in managing the actual situation in helpful ways. 

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