DBT Crisis Plan Worksheet

What is the theory behind this DBT Crisis Plan Worksheet?

Dielectric behavior therapy is intended to deal with impulsive self-destructive behaviors and disruptive emotions. Some people become overwhelmed by their feelings, weakened by their situation, and find themselves staying in dangerous and harmful habits, such as addiction or self-harm. In dialectical behavior therapy, crisis plans and distress tolerance skills are meant to act as short-term ways of surviving the disruption that arises from a crisis and are important skills that support people in overcoming stressful situations.

How will this worksheet help?

Those who are impulsive and emotionally unstable can use this document as a guide to help them better understand their condition and learn how to manage their symptoms by going through a series of exercises and prompts. This worksheet can help anyone going through a crisis situation. Specifically, individuals with a diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder can benefit from this worksheet.

 How to use the worksheet?  

Through this worksheet, people will be able to identify their impulsive decisions by answering the following questions by identifying, challenging, and replacing them with effective coping mechanisms. The distress rating scale will give you an idea about the effectiveness of the intervention plan.

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