Dealing With Death Worksheet  

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What is the theory behind this Dealing With Death Worksheet?

Dealing with death is a complicated process and it requires certain stages to heal. In the first stage, most people remain in denial and are unable to express or process their emotions. The worksheet has been designed for individuals in such a way that they can have a small letter talk with the person they lost where they can process their emotions while communicating and it will also help them create acceptance of their absence. 

How will the worksheet help?

Through this worksheet, you will be able to process your emotions. By completing the worksheet you will be able to process the person’s absence and it will help you deal with denial. Moreover, it may increase your motivation to make more positive and meaningful changes in life and increase your quality of life by choosing healthy options.

How to use the worksheet?

The worksheet is based on a small imaginal talk with the person you lost. The worksheet requires you to complete the sentences as per your thoughts and choice. Lastly, it will guide you to some healthy options you can opt for for the betterment.  

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