Decision Making Group Worksheet

Video & audio overview of the worksheet

What is the theory behind the worksheet?

A decision tree is a tool that can be used to analyze information and help make a helpful decision. Some decision tree making processes can be quite complicated and analytical, however, using a basic setup can promote thoughtful decision-making.

Using a decision tree can also help decrease the anxiety around deciding because more effort has gone into understanding the options and the natural consequences of each option, thus supporting informed decision-making.

How will the worksheet help?

This worksheet encourages careful consideration of a situation and offers a way to visually map out these options to help with decision-making. This can lessen anxiety around deciding.

The group can also share their experiences to help each other gain further insight into their own experience. This is possible because your group contract would have ensured everyone agreed to remain confidential.

How to use the worksheet?

As a facilitator, you can incorporate the plan into one of your sessions as you work with a group of individuals struggling with making decisions.

Remember that you can adjust the plan to suit your specific group.

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