Discharge Planning Worksheet for Substance Abuse Clients

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What is the theory behind the Discharge planning worksheet for substance abuse clients?

Recovery is a long-term process and it does not end with the treatment plan. It continues even when your treatment stops and you are out of rehabilitation. Aftercare is very important in substance abuse disorder because it has a high chance of relapse. It helps in making the recovery journey easy and successful. Knowing your triggers, planning your goals, and action plans can help you successfully win the battle of substance use even after rehabilitation.

How will this worksheet help you?

This worksheet serves as a discharge plan that has main themes on how your discharge plan should look like. You can make aftercare sessions schedule, find your support system in the time of crisis, and write your triggers with the action plans to cope with those triggers. Having this discharge plan can keep you stuck and follow it even when you are not seeking active treatment. 

How to use this worksheet?

This worksheet or discharge plan be completed with the help of your counselor or therapist. When your counselor is planning to end your treatment and discharge you, this discharge plan is a good way to plan things for the future. You can also involve any of the trusted persons in this plan so that they will also support you and keep checking on you for aftercare. 

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