Divorce Counseling Worksheet (PDF)

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What is the theory behind this Divorce counseling worksheet?

Divorce is for sure an unpleasant major life event that completely changes the dynamics of your life and relationships. People normally face difficulties surviving a divorce. In such situations, you need to manage yourself emotionally, physically, and financially or you can suffer from disorders like depression, anxiety, etc. counseling can help individuals to pass through this painful process and help them manage the psychological and emotional aspects of this separation. 

How can this worksheet help you? 

This worksheet is the best to explore your individual self after a divorce. You can write down your emotions of anger, sadness, grief, regret, or any other emotion you feel so that you feel relief. Different coping skills can help you cope with stressful times effectively. You will be encouraged to forgive yourself and other people for what happened and you will learn to let it go. You will also learn to look forward and bring positivity back into your life. 

How to use this worksheet? 

As it is a printable worksheet, you can download it and use it either digitally or as a hard copy. This worksheet should be completed when you are ready to start writing about your painful experience. You just need to answer the questions and follow some of the coping strategies mentioned in the worksheet. It will help you bring some positivity into your life and you will explore new ways to look forward in your life. 

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