Draw the Emotion Worksheet  

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What is the theory behind this Draw the Emotion Worksheet?

This ability of identifying has been establishing in children through age as they grew up they start to become aware of their emotions. When kids came for counseling or therapy sessions they find it difficult to express or name their emotions in conversation. This worksheet has been designed to facilitate therapists in sessions with kids here they can incorporate art therapy and create awareness about different emotions in kids to make them understand their own emotions and help them express themselves more accurately in sessions. 

How will the worksheet help?

Therapists can help kids of ages ranging from 4-7 years by using this worksheet. They will be able to engage kids more in the session. They can tell kids about different emotions and kids will be able to achieve more insight about their feelings. It will help them be more emotionally aware of themselves. It will facilitate them to increase their sitting time and concentration, also it will help the therapist establish rapport with kids.  

How to use the worksheet?

Names of common emotions are mentioned in columns. Instruct the kids to draw emojis related to emotions named below. After drawing the emoji, instruct them to give different colors to different emotions. Introducing the color options will add more fun and excitement for kids. The worksheet can be used in printed form during therapeutic sessions. 

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