Elder Abuse Worksheet

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What is the theory behind this Elder Abuse Worksheet?

Elder abuse is also known as mistreatment of elders. It has been found that when individuals move to older ages they become more dependent on others, and thus are more vulnerable to experiencing abuse. Elder abuse may take different forms like physical, psychological and financial abuse as well as neglect. 

How will the worksheet help?

The worksheet will guide you about elder abuse and its different types. Many times, elders facinga abuse are not aware about the different forms of abuse, and are less likely to be informed about ways to deal with it. Therapists can use this worksheet with elderly clients, who are suspected to be experiencing abuse.

How to use the worksheet?

The worksheet can be used with victims of elder abuse. This worksheet has the following aspects: 1) Educating the elderly client about different forms of abuse. 2) Evaluating if  is being abused. 3) Guidelines to deal with elder abuse. If any eldely client is facing abuse at the hand of their children or caregivers, they can be guided about effective ways to deal with it.

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