Emotion-Focused Therapy Worksheet for Couples

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What is the theory behind the Emotion-focused therapy worksheet for couples?

Emotion-focused therapy is aim to help people in becoming aware, acknowledge, accept, regulate, and transform their emotions. In other therapies, there is less emphasis on emotions and more on cognition, behaviors, and other conscious aspects. Emotion-focused therapy for couples helps partners to accept, and regulate each other’s emotions and improve their relationship.

How will this worksheet help you?

This emotion-focused therapy for couples can help the partners in identifying their emotions that are the result of negative perceptions and attributions of other person’s behavior. When both partners complete this worksheet, they can have a better understanding of each other’s opinions, ideas, and perceptions and how their behaviors affect each other. It can help in better therapeutic outcomes once they identify these important aspects.

How to use this worksheet?

This worksheet can be completed by both partners. They just need to think of different situations and how they perceive them, what were their primary and secondary emotions and how their unmet needs are reflected in their perceptions and emotions. after completing, the worksheet can be shared with their therapist to resolve the problems due to negative emotions.

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