Expectations of Others worksheet

What is the theory behind the worksheet?

The current worksheet is based on the Rational Expectations Theory, which has its roots in macroeconomics. According to it, an individual will form beliefs with available information, past experiences, and logic (Berger, 1991). Beliefs about others are formed with the available information about others’ skills and abilities (Berger et al., 1972).

How will the worksheet help?

This worksheet will help practitioners in assessing their clients’ expectations of the people around them.

How to use the worksheet?

Do you sometimes reflex on how you want the people around you (or even strangers) to behave in your presence? What we expect from others is often biased and has nothing to do with reality. When the expectations are high we can fall into the trap of disappointment. 

Expectations of Others worksheet

Please share some of your expectations in the following worksheet. 

How would you describe your relationships with others?


 Are you able to maintain and form deep connections? How do you do it?



Complete the next table with expectations about the people in your life. State if these expectations are being met:

Parent/ Parents

Best friend

Boss or professor

Partner or ex-partner


Berger, J. (1991). Expectations, Theory, And Group Processes. 100(2), 1-31.

Berger, J; Cohen, B.P.; Zeldich, M. Jr (1972). “Status characteristics and social interaction”. American Sociological Review. 37 (3): 241–255.

You can download this worksheet here.

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