Expressing Emotions Worksheet for Adults  

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What is the theory behind this Expressing emotions worksheet for Adults?

People who experience negative emotions more than positive emotions are found to be in problematic situations and experience disturbed interpersonal life. When we mask our emotions and react more coldly and negatively to situations it creates misunderstandings and makes our life more stressful. It is very essential that people have insight into their experienced emotions and they can express them adequately to resolve them and live a more healthy and happy life.  

How will the worksheet help?

This worksheet will help clients to get relief from negative emotions that lead them to disorders like anxiety and depression. The worksheet will help the client switch to a positive situation it will release stress. It will help the client make more rational decisions. Clients can get rid of the heaviness of their inadequate emotions and can feel light.     

How to use the worksheet?

This worksheet will help the client identify their emotions in a better way. Instruct clients to identify the secondary emotion that they feel before reacting to any situation and help them identify their primary emotions that created secondary emotions. Later ask them to write what could be the better way to deal with the situation and what can be positive emotions client can switch to 

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