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What is the theory behind this worksheet?

Family constellation therapy is a brief group intervention designed to assist clients in gaining insights into and subsequently altering their internal representation of a conflictual system, leading to changes in their behavior within that same system.

While the primary focus is often on the family system, the intervention can also be applied to other systems, such as workplace communities, ego parts, or victim-perpetrator dyads. 

Typically conducted in a group setting, the intervention involves approximately 15-25 unrelated participants (i.e., not members of the same system) gathering for a one-time, 2-3-day facilitator-led workshop. 

Each constellation begins with a brief interview between the facilitator and the active client to define the individual’s goal for the intervention. Subsequently, there is a collaborative decision on which members of the client’s system play crucial roles in the presented issue, and these individuals are then represented by other group members during the constellation.

The representatives, including the client’s representative, are initially positioned in the room by the client, considering spatial distances, angles, and body postures aligned with the client’s internal image of the system, forming a “problem constellation.” 

This allows the facilitator to uncover the dynamics underlying the client’s presented concern while enabling the client to reflect on their internal experience from a more objective, partially external perspective. This non-verbal phase focuses on participants’ experiences as part of the structure created by the active client.

The therapist engages representatives in discussions about their physical sensations, feelings, and thoughts during their positions. Rearrangements, spatial adjustments, and brief, ritualized conversations occur based on the principles of healthy functioning within a system until a constellation is identified that offers a resolution for the active participant’s issue. 

Ideally, this “solution constellation” provides a new framework for the client to feel, think, and behave within the given system.

How will the worksheet help?

The worksheet will help to understand the basics of Family constellation therapy for anyone interested in this therapeutic approach. 

How to use the worksheet?

Use this worksheet as a starting point for the exploration of Family constellation therapy.

If you are a therapist of other therapeutic orientations, think about the ways you could use Family constellation therapy in your practice. 

If you are a potential client, this worksheet can help you decide if Family constellation therapy is the right choice for you.

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