Family Mission Statement Worksheet PDF

What is the theory behind this Family Mission Statement Worksheet PDF?

A family mission statement is a collaborative effort in family therapy by all the members to lay down their shared goals, values, visions and principles that they want to be the identity of their family. It provides an opportunity for the family to sit together and have an open discussion on what they would like to prioritise as a family so that going forward all members are on the same page.   

How will the worksheet help?

This worksheet can be used in family therapy to help families plan their mission statement. It will guide them about how they can begin writing one. This can be used as a draft of their family mission statement before they go on to refine it and decide on how they can place it in their homes as a reminder for everyone involved.

How to use the worksheet?

Instruct the family to sit together and have an open discussion on what core values and values define their family. Instruct them to write down their mission statement based on what they believe they all want to strive for as a family keeping in mind their unique traditions, cultural and religious practices. 

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