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What is the theory behind this free printable divorce worksheet? 

Divorce worksheets are commonly used as a tool to help individuals going through the divorce process organize their thoughts and gather information related to their finances, assets, and other important details. The theory behind this type of worksheet is to provide a simple, straightforward way for individuals to gather important information and make informed decisions as they navigate the divorce process.

How will the worksheet help?

A divorce worksheet can help in several ways. It will allow both partners to gather and organize important information, such as assets, debts, income, expenses, and other financial details for legal procedures. Additionally, this worksheet can be used as a starting point to discuss difficult topics around divorce.

.How to use the worksheet?

This worksheet is divided into the following three parts: 1) Personal Details including names and contact information 2) Financial information including information about assets, debts, and taxes. 3) Other information, a few of which includes the number of children, custody arrangements, etc. Both partners can simply take a print out of this worksheet and fill it up. 

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