Functional Problem Solving Worksheet for Adults

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What is the theory behind this Functional problem-solving Worksheet for Adults?

Functional problem solving is the new perspective of searching to find a solution for any problem. It has been observed that sometimes we only stick to one perspective and do not look at the thing in broader terms and this type of rigid pattern leads us to stick in any crisis. Functional problem-solving will enhance the power of looking at situations from different perspectives. It creates an awareness of one’s problems and people can shift from flight or freeze move towards fight mode and search for solutions

How will the worksheet help?

This worksheet will help clients to have insight into their problems. It provides them support to stand and go for a solution to any crisis it will also help clients enhance their thinking ability and will brighten their problem-solving skills. It will help them look for a risky situation enhance their analysis of the situation and will guide them a proper ways toward its solution. 

How to use the worksheet?

This worksheet can be used anytime when a client feels difficulty dealing with a situation. Instruct the client to describe the situation properly and brainstorm solutions. Clients can come up with multiple solutions to help them pick one of the best by analyzing the benefits and hurdles in it. Ask clients to broader their perspective by taking opinions from any friend or expert. Lastly, help them think positively and go for a solution by writing motivational paragraphs and thinking positively about results. 

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