Good Habits For Children Worksheet

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What is the theory behind the worksheet?

Habit building is a core organizational skill that is not innate, therefore, it must be taught. Teaching your children to build good or healthy habits can be a challenge. However, by utilizing a step based approach with consistency you can help build the foundational skills that will help them continue to develop and practice healthy habits.

Consistency is key. When we work with children, having something concrete or visual is also helpful. Using visual trackers, planners, schedules, etc. are helpful tools to begin the development of these skills.

How will the worksheet help?

This worksheet explores 3 easy steps that can be adjusted to suit your family needs. Following these three steps routinely can help you overcome the challenges of helping your child create healthy habits.

This worksheet acts as a guide for you to enact to help develop these skills in your child.

How to use the worksheet.

This worksheet offers a guideline of a process where you can help your child develop healthy habits. Think of three or four habits you would like to start with and begin with the steps surrounding those specific tasks.

Once you feel those tasks have been developed into habits, you can add new tasks to the process.

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