GRAPES Worksheet

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What is the theory behind GRAPES?

The theory behind this worksheet is Cognitive Behavioral as the tasks encourage the user to do activities (behavioural) and in the process reflect on the performed activities (cognitive).

How will this worksheet help?

The worksheet will aid the user by building positive behavioural and thinking patterns that will supersede the irrational ones causing the issues/problems.  

How to use the worksheet? 

The worksheet is very easy to use. The GRAPES concept is distributed evenly among forty-nine (49) activities or seven activities per letter. For example, “Gentle with yourself” has seven activities, and the other concepts also have seven activities representing them. 

The ideal way to use this worksheet is for the user to choose one activity per day until he completes all activities. There is no required time to finish the worksheet, though it is encouraged that the user performs one activity per day.

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