Grounding Worksheet

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What is the theory behind this Grounding Worksheet?

The purpose of the Grounding worksheet is to keep clients in the present. It emphasizes the here and now so that you keep yourself mindful. Being mindful can help you bring your attention to the present situation and keeps you away from unwanted negative and unhealthy thoughts and emotions. It further improves the quality of your experience and overall awareness of your surroundings. 

How this worksheet help you?

The Grounding Worksheet can help you in the following ways:  1) It can keep you away from negative thoughts, flashbacks, and emotional states. 2) Bringing yourself back into the present can decrease the intensity of negative experiences and emotions. 3) You can avoid distressing thoughts, flashbacks, and feelings with the help of the Grounding Worksheet.

How to use this worksheet?

The Grounding Worksheet includes formal and informal ways to keep yourself mindful. They are best to use when you are anxious or having racing negative thoughts or emotions. But you need to practice it again and again in order to achieve mastery. Try to use these grounding methods as often as possible so you can easily apply them when you actually need them. 

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