Healing co-dependency worksheet 

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What is the theory behind this Healing co-dependency worksheet?

Co-dependency refers to relying excessively on your partner, to the point where distance seems unimaginable. A co-dependent person struggles with decision-making has low self-esteem, and values the partner’s opinion more than their own. The co-dependent partner also subjugates their own needs to appease their partner. Co-dependency is unhealthy and is associated with many mental health issues.

How will this worksheet help?

Healing codependency worksheets can help individuals by providing them with tools and strategies to recognize and challenge their codependent behaviors and beliefs. By working through the exercises and activities included in the worksheets, individuals can better understand their behavior patterns, learn how to develop healthier coping strategies, and establish more fulfilling relationships. Ultimately, healing codependency can help individuals to build a stronger sense of self and establish more balanced, healthy relationships with others.

How to use this worksheet?

This worksheet allows the co-dependent partner to learn about their patterns and work towards developing their own thought process. Set aside some quiet and uninterrupted time to work on the worksheet. This will allow you to focus on the exercise and reflect on your thoughts and feelings. 

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