Health anxiety worksheet

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What is the theory behind this health anxiety worksheet? 

Health anxiety, also known as hypochondria or illness anxiety disorder, is a condition characterised by excessive and persistent fear of having a serious illness despite having no or only mild symptoms.

The theory behind health anxiety worksheets is that by identifying and challenging negative thoughts and beliefs about one’s health, individuals can learn to manage their anxiety and improve their emotional well-being.

How will the worksheet help?

A health anxiety worksheet can help individuals identify and challenge their thoughts and beliefs related to their health concerns. It may also provide coping strategies for managing anxiety symptoms. By completing the worksheet, individuals may gain a better understanding of their health anxiety and learn how to manage it more effectively. It can also help individuals to work with a therapist or counsellor to develop a treatment plan for addressing their health anxiety.

How to use the worksheet?

In this worksheet clients are asked a few questions regarding their illnesses . These questions are for the screening and diagnosis of their health issues. Clients are supposed to opt the most accurate answer to the questions about their health condition.

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