How to create a mantra worksheet

What is the theory behind this How to create a mantra worksheet?

A mantra is repetition of a phrase or a sentence that has a deeper, more personal meaning behind it. A Positive Mantra can be selected to motivate one-self and inspire positive changes in one’s life. It can be used to fight the negative subconscious patterns and replace them with more adaptive ones.

How will the worksheet help?

Making a mantra is extremely simple, all one needs to do is pick a statement that resonates with the client’s current life situation. This worksheet provides tools to create and apply that mantra on themselves and repeat it to themselves.

How to use this worksheet?

Follow the tips from section A Then on section B answer the questions that will direct you to your personal mantra. This Mantra can only be effective if it is repeated regularly.

How to create a mantra worksheet

Section A

Section B

Something about yourself that thinking about it makes you feel negative? (It could by a thought pattern (fear of social interactions) or a behavior (overreacting to things)

Something about this feature of yours that you’d like to believe is still under your control? (E.g. you believe that the right type of topic can make you interact well or you can resist from over reacting)

What do you want to feel if you achieve this goal? (E.g. confidence, sense of control

Now refine the above responses into a statement which claims that you have already achieved what you want. (Example: I am confident enough to make good conversations or I am calm and in control etc)


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You can download this worksheet here.

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