Humor therapy worksheet

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What is the theory behind this Humor therapy worksheet?

In the midst of stressful situations, humor relieves the discomfort. Humor therapy is commonly used for the management of mental distress caused by factors that are mostly beyond a person’s control. This helps in reducing the feeling of fear and helplessness associated with difficult circumstances.  

How will the worksheet help?

This worksheet works as a reminder of some humorous things/people/events in a person’s life. Using this worksheet in times of distress can contribute towards adaptive coping. Also, it is an entertaining way to engage clients, and provide them with a healthy distraction.

How to use this worksheet?

This worksheet contains a game that can be played between two people, and can be used as an ice-breaking activity between therapist and client. Roll a die and perform the activity according to the number that appeared on it. One needs a print out of the worksheet, a die, and a blank paper to perform this activity.

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