Identifying Core Values Worksheet

What is the theory behind this Identifying Core Values worksheet?

Core values form the foundation of our beliefs and drives. They guide our emotions and determine our thoughts and behaviour in all aspects of our lives. We use these values to make decisions as small as where to eat out and as important as who we choose to interact with or where we choose to work. 

When our thoughts and behaviours deviate from our personal values we feel an inner turmoil and distress that quickly takes over our mental health making us feel unsatisfied and unhappy with our lives. Thus it is crucial to be aware of one’s core values so that we can avoid the frustration of going against them. 

How will the worksheet help?

This worksheet will help someone looking to identify their core values by considering what they value the most in certain situations or the people they know or admire. What we prioritise or give importance is determined by our core values and beliefs. 

How to use the worksheet?

You have to give one word answers about three things that you value the most in the given situations or about certain people in your life. By the end of the exercise reflect on your answers to determine your core values and how your current thoughts or behaviours align with them. 

Identifying Core Values Worksheet

It is important to be aware of your core values. They are mostly stable but are subject to change if the circumstances require it. The following exercise can give you some idea about your values. After completion, reflect on your responses and see if your current thoughts and behvaiors are in line with your core values. 

Write three things that you consider the most important in the following situations. Give your answers in one word only e.g Kindness,Compassion, Integrity etc

What do you value most….

while choosing your workplace

while making friends

in your significant other/romantic partner

in a political leader/leader of the masses

about a person you admire in your life

about your community as a whole

while choosing a career

Write three thing you learned from a painful experience in the past

Write three things you learned from the happiest experience you have ever had

You can download this worksheet here.

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