Identity therapy worksheet

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What is the theory behind this Identity therapy worksheet?

Identity crisis can happen at any time of life. It can be a result of an underlying cause i.e trauma etc. It can also be associated with certain age groups or a specific change in life, for example, mid life crisis. When individuals suffer from an identity crisis, they become confused regarding their wants and needs. Their sense of self gets insecure and they have difficulty determining their values. Going through an identity crisis can make you feel overwhelmed, lost and frustrated that can further lead to psychological issues.

How will the worksheet help?

This worksheet will help clients going through an identity crisis. The provided questions will help them gain insight into their values and purpose. focusing on thinking about your sense of self, your purpose, and your values can help you gain a better sense of you who are and your importance in this world

How to use this worksheet?

Join the statements having the same color background and answer the question. Matching this puzzle piece will help you in figuring out the puzzle of your identity. Since these pieces of identity have a tendency to change over time due to age and experiences, this worksheet is applicable for all ages 

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