Improving Attention Worksheet 

What is the theory behind this Improving Attention worksheet?

Almost every aspect of life, including relationships, employment, and education, depends on attention. It makes it possible for people to concentrate on details and establish memories. Additionally, it helps people focus on and finish particular tasks by preventing distractions. It appears instinctive that people can concentrate on a single task while avoiding distractions. However, it can be a challenging skill for people to selectively focus their attention on one topic while disregarding others.

How will this worksheet help?

With the help of this worksheet, you will be able to focus on important tasks and improve your attention effectively through several coping mechanisms. Some examples of these strategies include: Meditation and restful sleep, taking productive breaks, etc.

 How to use the worksheet?  

To highlight the effective coping skills in a difficult situation to maintain focus, first, identify the areas where you struggle in paying attention and what could be the reason. Then move towards the effective techniques that would help you in improving attention. 

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