Intimacy Therapy Worksheet

What is the theory behind this Intimacy Therapy worksheet?

Emotional intimacy is one of the many types of intimacy that builds the very foundation of our relationship with other people. We are emotionally intimate with only those people in our lives who have gained our trust by accepting and acknowledging our vulnerabilities and making us feel safe and secure.  Emotional intimacy has shown to be linked with increased marital satisfaction. 

How will the worksheet help?

The worksheet will help provide some practical ways to help couples struggling with emotional intimacy in their relationship. It will help them build and nurture emotional intimacy so that they can strengthen their relationship and are aware of fulfilling each other’s emotional needs. 

How to use the worksheet?

This worksheet can be used in couples therapy to determine the level of emotional intimacy in one’s relationship. It can be used both as awareness and education about emotional intimacy and as a way for couples to assess what is lacking in their relationship so that steps can be taken to overcome it.

Intimacy therapy Worksheet

Emotional Intimacy is meant to make you feel safe and secure with your partner. It involves opening up about your vulnerabilities and deepest emotions, fears and doubts in front of the other without the slightest fear of being judged. 

Read through what emotional intimacy looks like to assess your own relationship. 

Emotional intimacy in a relationship looks like this:
Paying full attention to your partner when they are speakingTrusting each other with your deepest secretsPraising your partner/Appreciating them alone and in front of others
Not afraid to share feelings whether good or badShowing an interest in the other’s persons life/interests etcNot afraid to show your vulnerable self to the other
Providing emotional support when the other is in need of itSharing their moments of joy and sorrow alikeShowing you care with not just your words but your behaviour
Complimenting each others achievements no matter big or smallBeing honest and open about one’s feelingsWorking through conflicts with respect
Being quick to apologise when you make a mistake/do something to hurt themFinding comfort in each other’s silence when neededGiving each other space from time to time
Respecting any difference in each other’s thoughts, beliefs and opinionsSupporting each other’s growth in various aspect of lifeValuing each other’s need for physical intimacy

Circle the aspects of emotional intimacy that you feel are lacking in your relationship. Think about the steps you can take to nurture those aspects to enhance emotional intimacy in your relationship.


You can download this worksheet here.

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