Joyful worksheet

What is the theory behind this worksheet?

Joyfulness means feeling or expressing happiness and joy. It is like someone reflecting on how lucky he is for having something good. The underlying theories include the principles of  “Positive psychology”- which focuses on positive aspects of human life, such as happiness, gratitude, strengths, and fulfillment. And the therapy that aligns with it is 

  • CBT- especially its component of cognitive restructuring when integrated into gratitude practices encourages individuals to think positively which promotes over well-being.

How will this worksheet help you?  

This worksheet guides individuals 

  • In recognizing and cultivating joy in their lives.
  • Fostering a positive mindset.
  • Promoting gratitude, and mindfulness that contributes to overall well-being

How should you use this worksheet?

This worksheet can be used by individuals who want to foster a positive mindset and awareness about the positive things that we usually take for granted.

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