Lets talk about mental health stigma worksheet

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(For teens)

What is the theory behind this Lets talk about mental health stigma worksheet?

Mental illness has always been looked down upon by society. Most people are unaware of having mental illness. While others who know about their illness often do not get help because of the stigma around it. Teenagers are more susceptible towards this attitude as they are get into peer pressure to fit in.

How will the worksheet help?

The purpose of this worksheet is to de-stigmatize mental illness for teens by clarifying differences between myths and facts. This will help teen client gain confidence to come forward and open up about their own mental health struggles. Thus, contributing to increased engagement and better therapeutic outcomes.

How to use this worksheet?

Section A contains statements about mental illness. Some of them are societal myths while others are facts. The client has to put those statements in their respective columns on Section B. Clients can take this worksheet with them after the therapy session for as a reminder.

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