Life Skills for Adults with Disabilities Worksheet 

What is the theory behind this Life Skills for Adults with Disabilities Worksheet?

Life skills seem to be very basic and underestimated skills but they play an essential role in maintaining our well-being and a healthy lifestyle. Essential life skills with people with disabilities include managing stress and frustration effectively and growing and prospering in challenging environments. Lifestyles include independent living skills as well dealing effectively with emotions.

How will this worksheet help?

For people with disabilities, frustration and stress due to their disability is common. This worksheet may help you identify your triggers that result in stressful situations and manage them better by finding suitable coping strategies for you. It will improve your ability to deal with stressors effectively. 

 How to use the worksheet?  

Use this worksheet as a way to find effective coping strategies and to manage your stress and frustration effectively. Read the worksheet and answer the questions one by one. Find the most suitable coping strategies and write them down. Utilize these life skills and manage your stress effectively.

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