Love yourself and others worksheet

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What is the theory behind this Love yourself and others worksheet?

Healthy self-love means taking care for your own well-being and happiness. It is looking at your own self in a positive light. Loving yourself and others go hand in hand. Supported by research, Individuals who capable of showing love to themselves are also good at displaying love and care to others.

How will the worksheet help?

This worksheet will help children between ages of 8 to 12 to gain a positive sense of self as well as how they can express appreciation and love towards others. Teaching kids to first learn to love themselves and then others gives a very powerful message, “You only take care of what you love”.

How to use this worksheet?

Section A of this worksheet contains 3 questions the clients are required to answer them.

Section B contains “choose the correct response” activity. Half completed statements regarding behavior towards others are mentioned. The clients are required to select the right answer from the table above

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