Major Depressive Disorder Worksheet

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What are the theories behind this worksheet?

This worksheet emphasizes the identification of symptoms, triggers, and coping mechanisms, integrating concepts from cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). 

It also incorporates Interpersonal Therapy (IPT) by examining how MDD affects communication and relationships. The worksheet encourages self-reflection and customized coping strategies, which is consistent with person-centered therapy.

How will this worksheet help you?

The Major Depressive Disorder Worksheet offers an organized approach to comprehending and handling symptoms of the disorder, which is helpful to users. It facilitates self-reflection, promotes trigger identification, and provides useful coping mechanisms.

How should you use this worksheet?

The MDD Worksheet is a useful and well-organized tool for therapists during clinical sessions. It allows therapists to dig into significant aspects of the client’s experience and provides a structure for talking about mood, triggers, and how they affect day-to-day functioning.

 Additionally, both individuals who are suffering from Major Depressive Disorder symptoms and those who are trying to understand and support someone who is depressed will find this worksheet helpful. 

It is helpful for those who want to learn more about how depression affects different areas of their lives, create coping mechanisms, and encourage productive communication within their support network.

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