Meditate to De-stress Worksheet

What is the theory behind this Meditate to De-stress worksheet?

This worksheet is based on Guided Meditation, which is a form of meditation in which an instructor provides step by step guidance to the individual trying to meditate. They are instructed on their posture, how to be aware of their breathing and bodily sensations and any imagery or visualisations if required. 

This is especially helpful for beginners because it is very hard to self-meditate at first. It is not easy to simply turn off the buzz of your thoughts and your surroundings  and enter a meditative state without proper guidance.   . 

How will the worksheet help?

This worksheet will help therapists use the guided meditation script to destress their clients during therapy sessions. It will be helpful for clients who are novice meditators.  Mindfulness techniques are proven to be effective in managing  stress, preventing relapse of anxiety and depression and have a positive overall effect on subjective well being. 

How to use the worksheet?

This worksheet contains a guided meditation script that works well for beginners in both individual and group settings. Use a calm, gentle voice to read out the script. Make sure the people meditating are in a comfortable position. Minimal lighting and efforts to reduce unnecessary noise from the surroundings can enhance concentration. 

Meditate to De-stress Worksheet

Read the entire script before using it with your clients. Be sure to maintain a gentle, calm and even tone throughout. You can make adjustments to the script as needed but always prepare them beforehand. Be mindful of where to take pauses. 

Let’s begin our destressing journey by taking in a slow deep breath through our nose. 

Hold this breath for 5 seconds …. (pause for 5 seconds)

Slowly exhale through your mouth…. (pause for 5 seconds)

Slow inhale from the nose… (pause for 5 seconds)

Slow exhale through your mouth…. (pause for 5 seconds)

*Repeat two more times*

Now take another deep breath and hold it in again while you count 5 seconds

Now this time with the slow exhale imagine all the stress in your body floating away (pause for 5 seconds)

Slow deep inhale (pause for 5 seconds)

Slow exhale….imagine all the stress leaving your body as you become lighter. (pause for 5 seconds)

Tell yourself to relax and let go of all that weight keeping you down

You are feeling lighter now with each exhale. 

Deep breathe in (pause) Slow exhale out (pause)

Imagine you are filling up a balloon with each exhale.

Deep breathe in (pause) Slow exhale out. (pause)

The balloon becomes heavier as you feel lighter.

Deep breathe in (pause) Slow exhale out. (pause)

One last deep breath in for 5 seconds (pause) One last slow exhale out for 5 seconds. (pause)

Tell yourself ‘Relax now’

[Return to your normal tone of voice, Tell the client(s) they can practise it at home whenever they feel stressed.]

You can download this worksheet here.

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