Mental and Emotional Health Worksheet for Middle School

What is the theory behind this mental and emotional health worksheet for middle school? 

The middle school years are a critical time for the formation of social and emotional skills necessary for mental health. A person’s overall health depends on their mental and emotional well-being. We desire academic and personal success for all children. Children are more likely to succeed in school if they are in good physical, mental, social, spiritual, and emotional health.You can prepare children for dealing with stress and difficult situations in the future by encouraging them to build appropriate coping mechanisms.

How will the worksheet help?

The four pillars of mental health are self-esteem, behaviour, thought processes, and interpersonal relationships. The worksheet can be used to  prepare clients for dealing with stress and difficult situations in the future by encouraging them to build appropriate coping mechanisms and maintain their mental and emotional health. 

How to use the worksheet?  

The worksheet consists of some simple activities and techniques. It can be used for a client to give him/her the awareness about mental and emotional health and how one can maintain his/her mental and emotional health. Make a time table with the client and include 1-2 activities in the client’s daily routine. 

Mental and Emotional Health Worksheet for Middle School

Be physically active 

  • Engage yourself in physical activities. 
  • Do walk daily for 30 min
  • Go for jogging, swimming or cycling. 
  • Actively participate in sports. 

Make strong social connections

  • Spend time with your family.
  • Make friends 
  • Pay a visit to your friends. 
  • Write a letter to your friend and family. 

Express your Emotions

  • Identify your Emotion
  • Accept your feelings, there is no shame in accepting &

expressing your feelings. 

  • Write down your feelings. 
  • Share your feelings with family members or friends.

whom you trust.

  • Express your feelings through drawing.   

Express gratitude & focus on positivity

  • Make a Gratitude journal.
  • Write 3 things daily at night 

                       that you are thankful for.

  • Review the gratitude journal 

                       on weekends & replay the 

                       positive scenarios in your mind. 

Stress managmenet 

  • Practise Deep breathing. Inhale from nose and count to 3, hold for a second then exhale and count to 4. 
  • Listen to soothing music. 
  • Pre-plan your activities. Categorise your work according to prirority. 
  • Develop time management skills to cope with stress.
  • Reach out for professional support, if you find things out of your control.


Me time

  • Do not forget to take time for yourself.
  • Every weekend plan some activity that you  

            enjoy or love to do.

  • Learn new skills or polish the existing skills.
  • Practise Mantra that “ you are the best as  

           you  are, every positive and negative thing is 

           the part of journey and growth”.  


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You can download this worksheet here.

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