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What is the theory behind this Looking after your mental health worksheet?

Our emotional, psychological, and social well-being are all parts of our mental health. It influences our thoughts, emotions, and behaviours. Additionally, it impacts how we respond to stress, interact with others, and make decisions. From childhood and youth through maturity, mental health is vital at every stage of life. 

One component of mental health is emotional health. It involves your knowledge and capacity for managing both positive and negative emotions. Emotionally balanced people have effective coping methods for dealing with unpleasant feelings.

How will the worksheet help?

It is equally important to look after physical, mental and emotional wellness. It’s much easier to deal with both major life events and life’s smaller ups and downs when we have well-balanced emotional health. This worksheet will provide awareness to the client regarding emotional health as a crucial part of mental health and help in learning emotional regulation and coping strategies.  

How to use the worksheet?  

It is an emotional health tool kit for a client that includes activities and techniques. It can be used as a self-help guide for the client to work on mental and emotional health. The client can choose 1-2 activities every day to practise. 

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