Mental health and substance use worksheet

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What is the theory behind this Mental health and substance use worksheet?

Substance use refers to the continued use of drugs or alcohol and how it affects one’s physical and psychological health. An individual becomes addicted to these drugs and/or alcohol despite knowing and experiencing its debilitating side effects. They find it difficult to stop, needing more as their addiction grows.

There could be many reasons for wanting to use substances such as recreational purposes, attempts to mask emotional pain or avoid facing difficult situations or maybe to seek relief with chronic physical pain. Either way, substance use affects not just the individual but everyone around them as well. It is thus vital that the family is included in the treatment and recovery process. 

How will the worksheet help?

This worksheet will provide helpful information to caregivers or loved ones of people who are addicted to substances. It is important that individuals who use substances are provided the help at the right time before their addiction grows. Educating families also helps prevent relapse after rehabilitation

How to use the worksheet?

This info sheet can be used in mental health awareness campaigns. It can also be used specifically  to educate families and friends of clients seeking help for substance abuse or other co-occurring disorders or those at risk for developing them. 

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